Lemon Juice with Melissa Lima


Born in Los Angeles but raised in New Hampshire by immigrant parents, Lima experienced the power of stories through her parents as they tell her about their homeland of Guatemala. As her parents learned how to speak English through watching television, Lima’s fond memories of family times were spent gathering around the TV to bond over sitcom shows, telenovelas and film. 

With her professional background being in higher education and the nonprofit sector, Lima produced 26+ comedy shows in Santa Barbara with LA based Don’t Tell Comedy (pre-COVID).

Through her love of entertainment and Latin (i.e.salsa) dancing, Lima continues to expand her creativity by exploring comedy, storytelling and writing. One day she hopes to follow in the footsteps of Mindy Kahling and Phoebe Waller Bridge to write and create television that tells the stories of the heart of humanity and the power of representation.

This was our first recorded episode, a huge thanks to Melissa Lima for navigating unknown territory with us, sharing a story of her own, and providing necessary insight to a successful podcast, like “yes, you should definitely have outro music!”
Tune in this episode to hear one of Lima’s original stories about when life decides to chuck lemons at you! (2020, anyone!?)
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Tune into Lima’s playlists on Spotify: LIMA’S JAMS! 
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