Hope In Waiting with Lisa Gilbert (Part 2)


Lisa Gilbert is back, fresh off of our virtual comedy show and picking up where we left off last week. After her own story of growing up in foster care, being adopted by a single mother, and eventually marrying later in life and giving birth to TRIPLETS!!… Lisa shares with us this week about what it’s like to raise kids in the current climate of racial tension, and her own story and family history of growing up bi-racial, being raised in a white family, marrying into a black family and addressing the dynamics and differences of each, yet how to find common ground and unity through the art of listening. 

Our personal favorite take away from Lisa this week: “be willing to have a learner position instead of a judgement position.”

Find Lisa on Instagram @lisagilbertcomedy, and be sure to tune into her Facebook Live show every Sunday night at 8pm PST “I Feel Like a Bad Mom.” 


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