For All The Introverts

Introverts often get a bad wrap in society. Extroverts are praised for their engaging personalities while the quietness of an introvert is often misunderstood. Some of us do genuinely love interacting with people, it’s just that we get our energy from being alone.

We charge up and then we’re ready! But unlike extroverts, if too much time is spent in the company of others and we begin to drain. It’s not personal, it’s just the way we’re wired… we need to recharge, like getting plugged into the wall for a bit.

While my stage presence may seem otherwise, I am a true introvert, getting my energy from being alone. I really do love people, but I can only love them well when I am fully charged (otherwise I kind of mildly hate them… kind of kidding) 🙂

This video is how I feel after a long day of extroverting and one of the ways I charge up if I know I’m getting some alone time!

Introverts of the world… unite! Separately… in our rooms!

Author: jenniejoybarrows

Artist. Author. Kinda Funny.

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